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Bastrop Brownfield - WHAT IS IT?

This program will help to redevelop abandoned, idle, or under-utilized properties where expansion or redevelopment is hindered by actual or perceived environmental conditions.  Examples include abandoned gas stations, industrial, and commercial properties.  Grant funds can be used to pay for environmental assessments and cleanup planning to help move commercial properties towards redevelopment. 

PPM consultants, Inc. has been retained by the City to facilitate the grant program and to get the word out to the commercial real estate community and to potential buyers and sellers of real estate.

Bastrop Brownfield - ELIGIBILITY
Any commercial property located within the Bastrop city limits may be eligible for funding, regardless of owernership.  The program is designed to facilitate development of any commercial property, whether a private or public transaction. The Brownfield Advisory Committee will qualify potential sites as Brownfield assessments prior to submission to the EPA.
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Benefits of Program




  • Will make your property more attractive by removing potential concerns regarding the environmental condition of the property.

  • Will cover the costs of environmental studies, thus reducing capital expentitures associated with due diligence prior to selling or purchasing a commercial property.

  • No contractual obligations to the City or Consulting Firm providing the studies.

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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs):  Title searches, surveys and appraisals, such as assessments are now routine on commercial real estate transactions.  Phase I ESAs include a site inspection, interviews with persons knowledgeable about the history of the property and a review of environmental records to determine if potential environmental conditions exist.
Phase II ESAs:  If the Phase I ESA identifies potential environmental conditions, additional investigation may be needed to determine if adverse environmental conditions actually exist.  Phase II ESAs may include soil, surface water and ground water testing; asbestos surveys, lead-based paint surveys; mold surveys; tank removal; and threatened and/or endangered species studies.
Cleanup Planning:  If a site is found to be impacted, the grant will pay for certain engineering and consulting fees to plan for redevelopment.  This can include remedial alternatives analysis and meeting with regulatory agencies.
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